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STEP 1 - Asset & Strategy Review - Online Zoom Meeting

We'll begin the session by reviewing your past and present investments. We will then identify your investment objectives and collaboratively create a strategy for success (based on your investment preferences) to achieve the following (No cost or obligation): 

  • Increase cash flow  
  • Identify pockets of appreciation 
  • Maximize assets depreciation 
  • Leverage assets equity
  • Avoid and/or reduce capital gains taxes 
  • Liquidate and roll proceeds to low maintenance, high yield funds 
  • Minimize rental vacancies 
  • Minimize repair cost
  • Deal hunting overlooked best practices 

If needed we can explore self-employed loans, portfolio loans, line of credit against investment properties (yes it's possible) and other loan solutions with a help of a loan officer. Cost: Free  

If you wish we can arrange a free consultation with a Financial Advisor to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Cost: Free  

Remember, It's Not Just About the Deal. It's About the Strategy, and the best way to optimize the strategy is to leverage precise micro trends and forecasting data that challenge current beliefs and empower investors to uncover opportunities and mitigate risk.

Schedule Online Strategy Meeting

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What Makes Us Different?

  • We offer data that challenge current beliefs and empower home buyers and real estate investors to uncover opportunities and mitigate risk. With this data you won’t have to guess. It will allow you to know neighborhoods intimately and challenge assumptions and invalidated beliefs regularly. 
  • We use laser targeted marketing to sell your home and amplifying our messages to multiple online platforms to create maximum exposure. 
  • We offer complimentary strategy sessions with one of our highly experienced real estate investment agents. Strategy sessions generally last about 60 minutes and are a great time to ask questions about your specific home buying, selling or investing goals. We'll discuss house hunting strategies, create a step-by-step plan for selling, or building your real estate portfolio. 
  • We offer a holistic approach to home buying and investing that centers on your personal situation, offering advice from different professionals.  
  • We will pay the 1031 Exchange fee (if needed).  
  • Once the transaction is complete, we stay connected and continue to advise our clients.  



"I Bought 2 condos and the third one in pending. The day I was suppose to close on my second condo deal when they identified a better deal and suggested to back out of a good deal for the sake of having a better one, I thought they were joking. I was ready to sign. I think they were ready to get your commission and then… Never thought an agent can do such things. Never thought humans can do such things. They treated my transaction as if it was their's. That is rare, my friends. I’m still dumbfounded."

- Israel Moshkovitz 

The condo price dropped by 35% in one drop, but the price reduction wasn’t recorded yet on the RMLS, and so we were the only bidders and got it for a super low price. A few weeks later we rented it and now we’re enjoying positive cash flow. It was very exciting. 

- Larry Jacobson

"Our agent helped us secure a short sale in a very tough market. His inside knowledge allowed us to view and bid on homes before they were available on the RMLS. Without his help, I am certain that we would not have gotten such a great house at a great price with out him. We got the home we wanted, in the area we wanted for below market value and managed to avoid getting into bidding wars with other buyers. He went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank-you!!!!!!!"

- Tina Benson